ARTICLE: The British Legacy in Uruguay: On the historical, political, economic and cultural ties between the Eastern Republic of Uruguay and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

02 December, 2015

An essay based on a sixty-minute presentation I gave for the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, University of Granada, written as part of a special assignment for English course. The purpose of this paper is to shed some light on British-Uruguayan relations from a Uruguayan and Latin American perspective, detailing the British contributions to Uruguayan society and describing important historical events between the two nations.

This essay synthesizes information on most British-related subjects in Uruguay, but does not go in-depth into any particular subject; rather, this document was meant as a complete and informative source covering a wide range of subjects related to British history in Uruguay.

The role of Britain in Uruguay’s independence and subsequent development is analyzed, as are the current bilateral relations between both countries. The most important cultural contributions to Uruguayan culture, music, cuisine, sports, education and architecture are also explained in detail.

Those of you interested in 19th century history of both Britain and Uruguay and in World War II will find many interesting and relatively obscure facts in this document. There are also many photographs and illustrations accompanying each section.

This essay was written using a variety of sources which can be seen in the bibliography section of the document. I also used family anecdotes and popular knowledge which are supported by these sources.

You can read and download the essay at my page here or from my site here.