ARTICLE: “Ideology of Torture” article cited by The Matter

23 January, 2017

An article of mine, The Ideology of Torture: A Personal, Political, and Philosophical Study of Torture in the MGS series and the Real World, originally published on Terry Wolfe’s Meta Gear, or (you can access the article here), has been cited in a research performed by Thai website The Matter, or, regarding popular culture and videogame references. The article is named 7 งานวิจัยจากเรื่องป๊อปๆ ที่จริงจังอะไรเบอร์นั้น and is written by Vanat Putnark.

Many popular franchises from all types of media are referenced, such as Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Call of Duty, Metal Gear Solid and Minecraft. Although the article is in Thai and many of us have trouble reading it without translation services, feel free to view the post and browse through the site’s contents.

Very warm regards to Vanat Putnark and the folks at The Matter for finding and posting my article.