POETRY: “Starry Venus” - I Premio de Poesía “the philologist/UGR/”

04 May, 2017

It honors me greatly to announce that Starry Venus, the poem I submitted to the first the philologist/UGR/ poetry contest at the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, UGR, has won 1st place in the English category.

The news post can be found here.

Here is the poem as originally submitted to the contest. Many thanks to the the philologist/UGR/ editing team and all faculty members who made this possible. Special thanks goes to Miriam Fernández Santiago, Ph.D., who brought the contest to my attention.


I stare at The Starry Night,
One of Van Gogh’s best,
And try hard to feel its might,
Yet I think of something else.

Into The Birth of Venus I gaze,
To judge against the best:
Down from the pedestal it came,
The same as all the rest.

Staring at the night sky,
Counting star by star,
Is the best way to contrast
How your beauty numbs the mind.

When I paint you, I must apologize
For the canvas being left blank,
As it’s the only way to emphasize
How your beauty blinds the eye.

But the truth is intravenous:
It does not take a Venus,
Much less a Starry Night,
To know love as it ignites.

For your love is worthy of treason,
Of the most profane of acts:
As your beauty escapes all reason,
And makes the sane go mad.