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Welcome to Alexander Sylazhov – The Official Site. Here I shall give some information about myself and my work.

Welcome to Alexander Sylazhov - The Official Site.

I go by the pen name Alexander Sylazhov, and I'm a self-published author and writer of Latin American-European descent. Currently, I'm studying a degree in translation and interpreting in Spanish, English and Russian in the University of Granada, Spain. I launched my site, Alexander Sylazhov - The Official Site, in the year 2013, in order to promote my self-published novel, SOVREV: The Faith Endeavor.

Since then, I've set to expand, creating new content which has garnered some academic and online praise, such as academic essays regarding Russian literature, research articles on gaming and Cold War topics, poems, translations into Spanish, English and Russian, and even digital artwork.

I create content that tackles a variety of topics related to my career choice and academic interests: some essays are opinion-based and feature my own perspectives, while others are strictly academic. Some content, such as original poems and poetry translations – aside from fiction novels – are purely artistic.

From analyzing sociopolitical and cultural themes in videogames, film and literature to translating and writing literary fiction and poetry, there is no shortage of unique content on Alexander Sylazhov. Feel free to check out the website and thank you for your visit.