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Welcome to Alexander Sylazhov – The Official Site. Here I shall give some information about myself and my work.

Welcome to Alexander Sylazhov - The Official Site.

I go by the pseudonym Alexander Sylazhov. I'm a self-published author and writer of Latin American-European descent. I hold a degree in Translation and Interpreting in Spanish, English and Russian from the University of Granada, Spain. I am a passionate russophile with left-leaning ideals, and an interest in languages, politics, videogames and literature.

I launched my site, Alexander Sylazhov - The Official Site, in the year 2013, in order to promote my self-published novel, SOVREV: The Faith Endeavor and other future works I am currently attempting to publish.

The focus of the site, aside from promoting my self-published books, is the analysis of sociopolitical and cultural themes in videogames, film and literature, the publishing of editorials and opinion pieces regarding said subjects, and the translation of literary fiction and poetry in my work languages.

Be on the lookout for more interesting new content coming up, including more novels, short stories, editorials, videogame analyses, translations and poems.

Feel free to check out the rest of the website, there is a lot of hidden content! Thank you for your visit.