About the author

Welcome to Alexander Sylazhov – The Official Site. Here I shall give some information about myself and my work.

I am a Uruguayan-born Spanish student at the University of Granada, Spain, who studies Spanish, English and Russian translation at the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting.

I am fond of studying the history and culture of communist states and particularly of the former Soviet Union, as well as the geopolitical and social effects of the Cold War on our present society. I also enjoy greatly studying Russian history and reading Russian literature and poetry.

I write fiction and articles under the pen name Alexander Sylazhov. This is the official website for my work. Here you may access several articles, literary translations, essays, opinion pieces and works of fiction authored by me. Most of them deal with the aforementioned subjects. I try to include content related to Latin American and Russian portrayals in various media, such as film, literature and videogames, analyzing their sociopolitical implications and impact. Alternative insights to traditional Western viewpoints are always done through documented evidence and established sources, although oftentimes I include theories and speculation of my own derived from the facts. The site also hosts some of my university work; these papers feature the University of Granada coat of arms.

The main purpose of this site, however, is to make available to readers my works of fiction. SOVREV: The Faith Endeavor is my first finished novel, available through self-publishing in paperback and eBook formats. It is the only book available for purchase on the site at this moment, although more books will be made available in time. Translations will also be made available as soon as I finish them.

Feel free to use the sections, pages and downloads of this site at your leisure. Thank you for your support.