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 Who is Alexander Sylazhov and what is this site about?

Alexander Sylazhov is the pen name used by the creator and owner of Alexander Sylazhov - The Official Site. In this site you may access several articles, literary translations, essays, poems, opinion pieces and works of fiction by the author.

For more information on the author and the contents of this site, please refer to this section.

 What can I find in the BOOKS section?

Books can be purchased at the ‘BOOKS’ section. The novel SOVREV: The Faith Endeavor is the only fully-available novel at the moment, and it may be purchased in digital or printed formats. You can also download free samples in various formats.

 What can I find in the ARTICLES section?

Articles may be read at the ‘ARTICLES’ section or at the author’s Academia.edu page. The articles deal with Cold War-related topics, ideologies, geopolitics, sociocultural analysis and literary analysis. There are many articles devoted to analyzing videogames and how these themes are applied in them, mixing research with opinion. There are also research articles published in scientific journals, as well as literary translations.

 What can I find in the POETRY section?

Poems by the author, translations, analysis and other poetry-related content may be read at the ‘POETRY’ section or at the author’s Academia.edu page.

 What is SOVREV: The Faith Endeavor about?

SOVREV: The Faith Endeavor is a Bildungsroman/psychological/dystopian novel with certain social satire, political thriller and love story elements, divided into three parts: The Faith Endeavor, The Apostasy Canon and The Reinassance Forge.

The novel takes place in an undefined alternative reality, somewhere in the 2000s, in Loynne’s Island, a fictional island nation in the North Atlantic Ocean. The planet finds itself undergoing a heavy economic crisis, isolated Intranets limited to each nation replace the World Wide Web, world superpowers are closed within themselves and tense supranational blocs are at the order of the day.

The story is narrated in the first person by the main character Sonny Zharostin, a teenager from a surviving communist State somewhere in Eastern Europe, which finds itself transitioning to capitalism. Fearing instability and civil war, he is forced by his parents to flee his home country in order to secure a living abroad, and hopefully one day be reunited with them. When Sonny receives a mysterious parcel containing the unlikeliest of objects, his life changes forever, and his safety and that of his loved ones is put in jeopardy. There is more to the parcel than he could possibly imagine, and soon he is immersed fully into a game of love and infatuation, betrayal, terrorist intrigue, political conspiracy and unspeakable acts of violence, all of which put his ideology and dearest values to the test.

 What is Loynne’s Island?

Loynne’s Island is a fictional location created by the author, where the story of SOVREV: The Faith Endeavor and other works take place.

For more information regarding Loynne’s Island, please refer to this section.

 How can I contact the author?

If you’d like to contact the author to give your opinion on his work, ask a question or request a written interview, you may do so here.