The Motherland

Motto: "Родина, Партия, Социализм" ("Motherland, Party, Socialism")
Native language unknown. Russian is spoken
Unitary presidential republic (formerly a Marxist–Leninist one-party socialist state)
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The Motherland is a fictional Eurasian state created by Alexander Sylazhov which features in the novel SOVREV: The Faith Endeavor. The country is referred to as such solely by protagonist Sonny Zharostin, in an attempt to hide the identity of his homeland. Formerly a communist state, it finds itself transitioning to capitalism.



The Motherland is an unknown Eurasian state which is the homeland of SOVREV: The Faith Endeavor protagonist Sonny Zharostin. The nation used to be a Marxist-Leninist socialist state until Western destabilization, inner corruption, a stagnant economy and isolationism created conditions for a Civil War, with the democratic capitalist anti-communist faction emerging victorious over communist loyalists.

After the capitalist victory, The Motherland experienced a shift in its economy similar to what many other communist Eurasian states did, with mafias emerging swiftly and rapidly, and organized crime merging with state authorities to create a mafia state. There are many communist loyalists who still want a return to communism, but they find themselves in the minority. People, however, have not adapted well to capitalism and it is unknown which path the nation shall take in its near future.


The flag of The Motherland consists of three horizontal stripes: red, navy blue and red, with the socialist emblem with the word “Motherland” in Russian Cyrillic on a scroll at the center of the blue stripe.

Government and politics

The Motherland was a Marxist-Leninist one-party socialist state, where the only party allowed to rule was the Communist Party. This changed after the Transition, when the nation became a multi-party democratic capitalist state.

Economy and law and order

The Motherland had, like the USSR and most Eurasian communist states, a planned economy, which became a free market liberal economy after the Transition.

The Motherland likely possessed law enforcement agencies similar to those of the USSR, such as the Militsiya and the KGB. After the Transition, The Motherland likely has many law enforcement agencies similar to those of the Russian Federation and other post-communist states in Eurasia.


The native language in The Motherland is unknown, but it is possibly Russian, as it features in its state emblem.


Education in The Motherland was top-of-the-line, universal and free in the communist era, with a heavy dose of Party indoctrination but with the ability to learn many skills in Pioneer School such as several languages.


The Motherland has a military which is Soviet and Russian in nature, possessing many Soviet and Russian-made firearms and weapons systems such as Kalashnikov rifles, MiG fighter planes and Mil helicopters.

Culture, public holidays and festivities

The Motherland seemingly celebrates Soviet and communist holidays such as the 1st of May (Labor Day), the 9th of May (Soviet Victory Day), and the 7th of November (Great October Socialist Revolution).


Having been previously a communist state, The Motherland practiced Gosateizm (State Atheism) just like the USSR. After the Transition, Russian Orthodoxy and Christianity are likely to maintain a dominant presence in the country's religious affairs.