SOVREV: The Faith Endeavor

In a world ravaged by economic hardship and political turmoil, a luxurious island nation in the North Atlantic Ocean stands tall as the new flagship of the Western World; welcome to Loynne’s Island.

A teenager forged in the fires of communism enters this paradise illegally from an obscure nation referred to only as The Motherland. His name, or rather his alias, is Sonny Zharostin; his mission, to pave the way for his parents’ arrival after the country’s brutal transition to capitalism subsides.

Forced to live alone in the island until the unscheduled arrival of his parents, the zealously patriotic youth grows resentful of his new home, wishing only to return to a country that no longer exists, soon forsaken to the dustbin of history.

After a mysterious parcel containing the most bizarre of objects is sent to his home, Sonny must embark on a journey with a girl from the most polar of opposites, to a place no one leaves unchanged.