ARTICLE: Big Boss as Che Guevara: A Latin Patriot’s Views on Peace Walker, the CIA, and Kojima’s Political Commentary

28 January, 2015

Mr. Terry Wolfe, creator of, has recently published a guest article I submitted to his website, entitled Big Boss as Che Guevara: A Latin Patriot’s Views on Peace Walker , the CIA, and Kojima’s Political Commentary. You can read it at Mr. Wolfe’s site here or download it from my site here.

The article deals with the 2010 PSP video game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and its hyper-charged political Cold War setting, where Che Guevara is mentioned and praised by the main characters, one of which is even loosely modeled aesthetically and ideologically after him (Big Boss).

The article deconstructs the main subjects for Che’s vilification in Western mainstream media and explains the reason for his praise in Peace Walker, his idolization in Latin America and the intentions of videogame designer Hideo Kojima, from a general Latin American and leftist perspective and also a personal one.

Special thanks go to Terry Wolfe, who was incredibly helpful and courteous during the publication process of the article, and who granted me the honor of contributing to his intelligent article sections. I’d like also like to thank everyone who found the article interesting and useful for political and social debate.

You can visit Terry Wolfe’s website here, which hosts a large selection of lengthy articles about the Metal Gear series and other issues related to the gaming world, aside from tons of other content such as comics, illustrations and podcasts.