BOOK PROMOTION: ‘The Kojima Code’ by Terry Wolfe

21 January, 2018
Terry Wolfe's long-awaited book on Hideo Kojima and the Metal Gear franchise, The Kojima Code, is now published and available for purchase. Click here to read the announcement. You may purchase it on Amazon here and at Barnes & Noble here. Make sure to also check out Terry's website, Mr. Wolfe's META GEAR, here.

Terry Wolfe has been invaluable to me as a friend and intellectual partner, and was instrumental in helping this humble site grow, allowing me to publish guest articles on his site as well as promoting my writing and my ideas. Please, make sure to support him on Patreon here.

Official author biography:

Terry Wolfe has been the premier armchair theorist discussing the wacky world of Metal Gear and its celebrated creator Hideo Kojima since at least 2006. His website, Mr. Wolfe’s META GEAR, has changed the way people think about the polarizing Japanese series that began way back in 1987. He has inspired hundreds if not thousands of others to do their own homework on the meaning behind the games, and appreciate the social, political, and metanarrative themes in these stealth action blockbuster stories. He believes there is still plenty more that the world needs to understand.

Official book description:

"Follow the controversial video game designer from his days as a movie-obsessed youth to becoming one of the most famous and recognized creators in the world. An uncompromising auteur in a world of disposable entertainment and anonymous artists, his story is uphill battle to make his name known. Find out the official and unofficial ambitions behind his early work, including the METAL GEAR games, SNATCHER, and POLICENAUTS, leading all the way up to the postmodern wrecking ball that is METAL GEAR SOLID 2 -- which still has gamers scratching their heads to this day!

Whether you’re a diehard fan of Kojima or a stranger to video games entirely, you’ll be amazed how far one man is willing to go to shape his own destiny."