Theocratic United States


Motto: "One Nation Under God"
Alternate mottos: "In God We Trust"
"E Pluribus Unum" ("Out of Many, One")
Map of the United States during the Second Civil War
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Unitedstatian (globally) American (US only)
Unitary presidential theocratic federal republic
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The Theocratic United States (known as the Theocratic States of America inside the US) is a fictional superstate created by Alexander Sylazhov which features in the novel SOVREV: The Faith Endeavor. Below there are brief descriptions of the state’s history, economy, government, and other characteristic aspects.



With a failing economy lagging behind China, massive immigration from Latin America and Europe, a War on Terror dragging on indefinitely and widespread worldwide Jihadist attacks generating a wave of xenophobia and paranoia in the population, religious extremist and neoconservative protestant minister Johnny Marshall was elected as the new US President in a landslide, promising to return the US to its state of former glory and global dominance.

Marshall instituted what became known as the "New Marshall Plan," which included massive taxation reforms and a heavy reestructuring of the economy, promising autharchy and self-sufficiency. All illegal immigrants were deported and people with criminal records were rounded up and sent to labor camps. All US forces in the Middle East and elsewhere were called back home to create a military stronghold inside the US, and all foreign US bases were shut down. The increase in military personnel at a domestic level created a situation where the US Army could routinely patrol the streets alongide law enforcement personnel, generating widespread safety at the cost of increased surveillance and individual freedoms. While US presence worldwide diminished, allowing for other superpowers such as Russia and China to exert their influence, the decreased military spending allowed for the US to experience a newfound era of economic prosperity, becoming, for a short while, the most prosperous country in the world.

However, Marshall quickly sunk in popularity when making religious reforms, turning the US into a theocracy, banning all faiths except for Christianity, and squandering a lot of capital on huge anti-immigration walls along the Mexican and Canadian borders which quickly devoured most resources in surveillance, logistics and infrastructure. Religious investments, such as the creation of lavish religious temples and mega churches, also generated controversy. Unifying all of the US protestant churches into a single one, the Church of Creatonology, which mixed protestantism and creationist doctrines with Scientology, Mormonism and other Christian faiths to create a single Faith for the whole nation, cemented his unpopularity in some states, especially in the South. The Church of Creatonology, much like the Communist Party of the USSR, did not require for citizens to obligatory become members, but it was nigh impossible not to, as Church members had to pay more taxes but received more benefits non-members couldn't enjoy, such as healthcare. These reforms were widely rejected in the South.

With all US forces called back home, the South found itself in possesion of a vast military network with state-of-the-art hardware that had seldom been used, and quickly organized itself into a rebel army to secede from the Theocratic United States. Naming itself the New Confederacy, the South fired the first shots of the Second US Civil War in May 20*7, with the West Coast remaining neutral to both factions.

It is currently unknown what the outcome of the war will be, as both factions enjoy nearly equal amounts of support, manpower and firepower.


The Theocratic flag substitutes the state stars in the US flag with a yellow cross superimposed over a Holy Bible.

Government and politics

The Theocratic United States is ruled by the Church of Creatonology, as Church and State are unified. A council of religious figures oversees religious and political matters without distinction. In all other areas, the US functions like a normal federal republic.

Economy and law and order

While free market capitalism is defended, the Church of Creatonology is allowed to alocate certain resources from private entities if needed. Fiscal conservatism is enforced, and a policy of economic autarchy is strictly followed. The US trades mainly with the British Commonwealth and Europe, but imposes heavy economic sanctions on Latin America, Russia and China.

After all US miitary forces were called back home, the US experienced an increase in economic prosperity due to the reduced spending in military matters. However, this lasted only briefly, as US President Johnny Marshall squandered many resources in deporting immigrants, building massive anti-immigration walls along the Mexican and Canadian borders, and building lavish religious temples all across the country.

Law enforcement in the Theocratic United States has been improved and tightened with paramilitary police forces due to the increased military personnel available. There is a growing lack of distinction between Police and Army, and, while terrorism and street crime have been greatly reduced, individual freedoms are nearly non-existent, with Police and Army personnel being able to detain, arrest or frisk any citizen without court orders or permits, justified by the US Patriotic Act Against Terrorism and Instability.


English remains the official language of the United States.


Marshall has made education more widespread than ever before, yet all education is religious in nature and upholds the doctrines and faith of the Church of Creatonology.


The US military was completely reestructured during Marshall's tenure and all US forces fighting abroad in the Middle East were called back home. All US overseas military bases were shut down. The US military now defends the borders of the United States and its role has changed from a mobile worldwide force to a flexible, paramilitary, law enforcement and border-patrol organization. Still, the US military still performs destabilization attempts in its sphere of influence, including regime changes, high profile assassinations and covert acts of terrorism, particularly in Latin America.

Public holidays and festivities

The 4th of July is still celebrated as the day the United States achieved its independence from Britain, yet it now includes many references to the Church of Creatonology. All other traditional US Christian holidays such as Christmas are celebrated, with holidays from other faiths being banned.


Being a theocracy, the Theocratic United States is ruled by a group of religious figures and heads of churches who are subordinate to US President Johnny Marshall, who is the utmost authority. The Church of Creatonology remains the sole official Church in the entire United States, with its faith being the only allowed religion. The Church of Creatonology mixes creationist protestantism with other faiths, such as scientology and Mormonism, and being a member requires for a citizen to pay for membership fees, which in turn allows for benefits non-members cannot enjoy, such as healthcare.