ARTICLE: The Spanish Flag in Street Fighter II: Vexillological and Sociocultural Analysis

24 April, 2016

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior and its derivatives needs no introduction. It was the videogame that redefined the fighting genre and revolutionized the videogame scene in general. All arcade fighting games after its release copied it, and its success made console gaming even more popular. It was, simply put, one of the most beloved videogame icons of the 90s.

The year Street Fighter II: The World Warrior was released was also quite a convoluted one: it was released on the 6th of February, 1991, months away from the collapse of the Soviet Union, which would end once and for all the Cold War launching the world into a new era. The character of Zangief, for instance, was particularly affected due to the many references to the Soviet Union in the game, afterwards making Zangief heavily associated to the USSR, the developers forced to acknowledge the backstory even in later releases such as Street Fighter Alpha 2 and 3. Other characters like Fei Long from Hong Kong experienced this in substantially less important degrees. Vega, on the other hand, was associated from the beginning with a country that no longer existed: Francoist Spain, easily seen by the depiction of the flag.

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